Sivanath Sastri

Sivanath Sastri Sivanath Sastri (as spelt by himself, but also spelt as Shibnath Shastri, Shib Nath Shastri, Shibanath Shastri, Shivanath Shastri) ( ''Shibonath Shastri'') (1847–1919) was a scholar, religious reformer, educator, writer and historian. He played an active role in the society of his times and kept a wonderful record of events but for which it would have been difficult to know and understand his turbulent age. His views have, occasionally, been criticised. He was not merely a detached historian but also an active participant of the age. Provided by Wikipedia
...Śāstrī, Śibanātha, 1847-1919. Rāmtanu Lāhirī o tatkālīn Bangasamāj. English. Rāmtanu...
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Book Electronic
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