Ivan Kukuljević Sakcinski

Statue of Ivan Kukuljević Sakcinski in [[Zagreb Ivan Kukuljević Sakcinski (29 May 1816 – 1 August 1889) was a Croatian historian, politician and writer, most famous for the first speech delivered in Croatian before the Parliament. Considered a renowned patriot, Kukuljević was a proponent of Illyrian movement and avid collector of historical documents, primarily those for his work in Croatian historiography and bibliography. Provided by Wikipedia
...Kukuljević Sakcinski, Ivan, 1816-1889. Primanje hrvatskih spisa u Budim-Pešti god. 1849-1851....
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...Kukuljević Sakcinski, Ivan, 1816-1889. Regesta documentorum regni Croatiae, Dalmatiae et Slavoniae...
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...Kukuljević Sakcinski, Ivan, 1816-1889. Codex diplomaticus regni Croatiae, Dalmatiae et Slavoniae....
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...Kukuljević Sakcinski, Ivan, 1816-1889. Pjesnici hrvatski XVI. vieka....
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...Kukuljević Sakcinski, Ivan, 1816-1889. Glasoviti hrvati prošlih vjekova....
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