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Department Course Instructor Items
NonProfit Mgmt NONP 2710:Intro to Nonprofit Lead & Mgmt Farruggia, Gianfranco 1
NonProfit Mgmt NONP 3300:Nonprofit Financial Management Various 2
NonProfit Mgmt NPM 3750:Social Entrep & Sus Bus Models Vollmert, Brian 1
Nursing NURS 2100:Survey of Nursing and Health Care Prof Various 1
Nursing NURS 2150:Math for Nurses Coakley, Cheri 1
Nursing NURS 3020:Intro to Professional Practice Coakley, Cheri 3
Nursing NURS 3030:Health Assessment Various 2
Nursing NURS 3220:Pharmacology in Nursing Stirk, L 1
Nursing NURS 3240:Pathophysiology Boyd, Keith 2
Nursing NURS 3500:Nursing Of Childbearing Families Johnson, Martha 6
Nursing NURS 3500:Nursing Of Childbearing Families Andrea, Joan 6
Nursing NURS 4202:Concepts in Gerontology DeWaters, Trudy 1
Nursing NURS 4240:Nursing Research Various 7
Nursing NURS 4500:Community Health Nursing Benevich, Eugenia 1
Nursing NURS 4540:Health Policy and Politics Bakken, Keith 2
Nursing NURS 4550:Leadership & Management Kotowski, M 1
Nursing NURS 5030:Professional Communication... Loukissa, Dimitra 1
Nursing NURS 5515:Advanced Health Assessment McCreedy, Terri 1
Nursing NURS 5560:Ped Hlth Mgmt Smith, Christine 6
Nursing NURS 5570:Women's Health Management Smith, Christine 1