Wesley J. Smith

Wesley J. Smith (born 1949) is an American lawyer and author, a Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute's Center on Human Exceptionalism, a politically conservative non-profit think tank. He is also a consultant for the Patients Rights Council. Smith is known for his criticism of assisted suicide and utilitarian bioethics.

Smith has authored or co-authored fourteen books. He formerly collaborated with consumer advocate Ralph Nader, and has been published in regional and national outlets such as ''The New York Times'', ''Newsweek'', ''The Wall Street Journal'', ''USA Today'', the ''San Francisco Chronicle'', ''The Seattle Times'', the ''New York Post'', and others. He is also well known for his blog, "Human Exceptionalism", hosted by ''National Review'', which advances his theory of "human exceptionalism" and defends intrinsic human dignity. He is a critic of those he labels "mainstream" bioethicists such as Peter Singer, Julian Savulescu, Jacob M. Appel, and R. Alta Charo. He has also been highly critical of science writer Matt Ridley. Provided by Wikipedia
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