Pedro Noguera


Pedro Noguera is a Distinguished Professor of education at UCLA.


* Ph.D., Sociology, University of California, Berkeley * M.A., Sociology, Brown University * B.A., Sociology/American History, Brown University * Teaching Credential, Brown University


* P. Noguera and J. Pierce and R. Ahram (eds.) (2015) Race, Equity and Education: The Pursuit of Equality in Education 60 Years After Brown. New York: Springer Press. * P. Noguera and A. Blankstein (eds.) (2015) Excellence Through Equity. San Francisco: Corwin Press. * E. Fergus and P. Noguera (2014) Schooling for Resilience: Improving Life Trajectories for Black and Latino Boys. Cambridge: Harvard Education Press. * Noguera, P. and Boykin, A. W. (2011) Creating the Opportunity to Learning: Moving from Research to Practice to Close the Achievement Gap. Washington, D.C.: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. * Noguera, P., Aida Hurtado and Edward Fergus, editors (2011) Invisible No More: Understanding and Responding to the Disenfranchisement of Latino Males. New York: Routledge. * Noguera, P. (2008) The Trouble With Black Boys: Reflections on Race, Equity and the Future of Public Education. San Francisco: Wiley and Sons. (Winner American Education Studies Association Critics Choice Award; Schott Foundation Award for Research on Race and Gender; Scholastic Publishers Award) * Noguera, P., Ayers, W., Ladson-Billings, G. and Mitchie, G. (eds.) (2008) City Kids, City Schools. New York: New Press. Torres, C. A. and P. A. Noguera (eds.) (2008) Social Justice Education for Teachers: Paulo Freire and the Possible Dream. London, UK: Sense Publishers. * Noguera, P. Ginwright, S. and Camarota, J. (eds.) (2006) Beyond Resistance: Youth Activism and Community Change. New York: Routledge. * Noguera, P. A. and Jean Yonomura Wing (2006) Unfinished Business: Closing the Achievement in Our Schools. San Francisco, CA: Josey Bass. * Noguera, P. A. (2003). City Schools and the American Dream: Fulfilling the Promise of Public Education. New York: Teachers College Press. Winner, Forward Magazine Award for best book in education 2003; American Association of Educational Studies, Book of the Year Award, 2004. Noguera, P. A. (1997). The Imperatives of Power: Regime survival and the basis of political support in Grenada, 1951-1991. New York: Peter Lang Publishing, Inc. * In Progress – P. Noguera (2015) The Schools We Need: Education, Inequality and America’s Future. New York: New Press.


* 1997 Wellness Foundation Award for Research on Youth Violence * 1997 University of California’s Distinguished Teaching Award * 2001 Honorary Doctorate, University of San Francisco * 2001 Centennial Medal, Philadelphia University * 2003 Forward Magazine Gold Award (City Schools and the American Dream) * 2003 AESA Critics Choice Book Award (City Schools and the American Dream) * 2005 Whitney Young Award for Leadership in Education * 2006 Eugene Carrothers Award for Public Service * 2008 Schott Foundation Award for Research on Race and Gender * 2008 AESA Critics Choice Book Award (The Trouble With Black Boys) * 2009 Scholastic Corporation Education Hero Award * 2011 Honorary Doctorate, Bank Street College * 2012 Honorary Doctorate, Metropolitan College of New York * 2013 Honorary Doctorate, Lewis and Clark College, Portland Oregon * 2013 Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society * 2013 Martin Luther King Award for Leadership in Social Justice, New York * 2014 National Academy of Education * 2014 Award for Exemplary Scholarship Advanced Center for Behavioral Sciences * 2015 National Association of Secondary School Principals for Distinguished Service to Public Education * 2015 Horace Mann Award * 2015 Honorary Doctorate, Duquesne University * 2015 Honorary Doctorate, Lesley University


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Published 2008
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