Adrienne Mayor

Adrienne Mayor in 2014 Adrienne Mayor (born 1946) is a historian of ancient science and a classical folklorist.

Mayor specializes in ancient history and the study of "folk science": how pre-scientific cultures interpreted data about the natural world, and how these interpretations form the basis of many ancient myths, folklore and popular beliefs. Her work in pre-scientific fossil discoveries and traditional interpretations of paleontological remains has opened up a new field within the emerging discipline of geomythology and classical folklore. Mayor's book on the origins of biological and chemical warfare revealed the ancient roots of poison weaponry and tactics. Provided by Wikipedia
by Mayor, Adrienne, 1946-
Published 2005
by Mayor, Adrienne, 1946-
Published 2000
by Mayor, Adrienne, 1946-
Published 2014
...Mayor, Adrienne, 1946- Amazons...
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