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Entertainment Film Distributors is a British distributor of independent films in the UK and Ireland for various production companies, currently run by Nigel and Trevor Green.

Michael L. Green, their father, was a veteran producer/distributor involved in the film industry since the 1930s when he was a teenager. In 1972, he formed Variety the prolific film distributor. In 1978, Green closed Variety and with his two sons Nigel and Trevor formed Entertainment Film Distributors (and later its video arm Entertainment in Video), and was one of the leading forces in UK distribution. Michael L. Green died on 17 June 2003 aged 84.

Their first big success was ''Teen Wolf'' (1985) starring Michael J. Fox. Entertainment also released films for Empire Pictures and New World Pictures.

Most notably, between 1990 and 2010, Entertainment distributed films made by New Line Cinema along with films from other independent production companies. One of the most notable series of films distributed to date is ''The Lord of the Rings'' trilogy. Beginning in 2008, Entertainment Film Distributors become The Weinstein Company's main United Kingdom distributor up until 2017. In 2010, distribution rights for New Line Cinema films in the UK and Ireland were folded into New Line's parent company Warner Bros. Entertainment Film Distributors have released many BAFTA- and Oscar-winning films including ''The Departed'', ''Million Dollar Baby'', ''Gosford Park'', ''Brokeback Mountain'' and ''The Artist''. Provided by Wikipedia
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