Sargon II

Sargon II with a dignitary, bas-relief from [[Dur-Sharrukin|Khorsabad]]. Sargon II (Assyrian ; Aramaic ; reigned 722–705 BC) was an Assyrian king. A son of Tiglath-Pileser III, he came to power relatively late in life, possibly by usurping the throne from his older brother, Shalmaneser V. Sargon II suppressed rebellions, conquered the Kingdom of Israel, and, in 710 BC, conquered the Kingdom of Babylon, thus reuniting Assyria with its southern rival, Babylonia, from which it had been separate since the death of Hammurabi in 1750 BC.

The Neo-Assyrian pronunciation of the name was presumably /sargi:n(u)/ or /sarga:n(u)/; the spelling ''Sargon'' is based on the Biblical form of the name (סרגון), mentioned in Isaiah 20:1. The regnal number is modern, applied for disambiguation from the Old Assyrian king Sargon I and the still-older Akkadian ruler Sargon the Elder. Provided by Wikipedia
Book Microform
Book Microform
by Bauer, Theo
Published 1953
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