Remains of aqueducts Aqua Claudia and Aqua Anio Novus, integrated into the Aurelian Wall as a gate in 271 AD. Sextus Julius Frontinus (c. 40 – 103 AD) was a prominent Roman civil engineer, author, and politician of the late 1st century AD. He was a successful general under Domitian, commanding forces in Roman Britain, and on the Rhine and Danube frontiers. A ''novus homo'', he was consul three times. Frontinus ably discharged several important administrative duties for Nerva and Trajan. However, he is best known to the post-Classical world as an author of technical treatises, especially ''De aquaeductu'', dealing with the aqueducts of Rome. Provided by Wikipedia
by Frontinus, Sextus Julius
Published 1950
Other Authors: '; ...Frontinus, Sextus Julius....
by Frontinus, Sextus Julius.
Published 2004
...Frontinus, Sextus Julius. Aquis urbis Romae. Aquaeductu urbis Romae....
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