Table of Contents:
  • Disc 1.
  • On the history of the "talking book," and on how reading aloud differs from listening to it being read / Matthew Rubery
  • On the "post-human" aspirations of the transhumanist movement, and how its plausibility is established by stories / James A. Herrick
  • On lessons that universities should heed from Wendell Berry's essays, poetry, and fiction about commitment to living in a place / Jack Baker and Jeffrey Bilbro
  • Disc 2.
  • On the influence of business methods on 20th-century evangelicalism through the shaping of Moody Bible Institute / Timothy Gloege
  • On how the sons and daughters of mid-20th-century missionaries to Asia came back to the U.S. and influenced government, journalism, and the academy / David Hollinger
  • On the themes of the challenge of faithfulness as presented in Shusaku Endo's Silence and in Martin Scorsese's film version / Barrett Fisher.