by Adelman, Janet.
Published 2008
Table of Contents: '; ... brother -- Her father's blood : conversion, race, and nation -- Incising Antonio : the Jew within....
Book Electronic
by Hopkins, Lisa, 1962-
Published 2017
Table of Contents: '; ...'s Roman plays -- Profit and delight? magic and the dreams of a nation -- "A borrowed blood for brute...
(CARLI) (Other Sources: (IITdb)966688, (ROUdb)388178)
Book Electronic
by Rodgers, Amy J.,
Published 2018
Table of Contents: '; ... of Discursive Spectatorship; Chapter 2. The Blood of the Muses: Violent Spectatorship and Authorial Response...
(CARLI) (Other Sources: (ROUdb)408723)
Book Electronic
by Craig, D. H., 1952-
Published 2017
Table of Contents: '; ... Meeting with 'a jolt'; 3 Sisters under the Skin: Character and Style; 4 Stage Properties: Bed, Blood...
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