One hundred folksongs of all nations /

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Corporate Authors: Lyon & Healy.
C.H. Ditson & Co.

Oliver Ditson Company.
Other Authors: Bantock, Granville, Sir, 1868-1946. (Editor)
Carey, Henry, 1687?-1743.

Nairne, Carolina Oliphant Nairne, Baroness, 1766-1845.

Monsigny, Pierre-Alexandre, 1729-1817.

La Harpe, Jean-François de, 1739-1803.

Guy, de Coucy, -1203.

Thibaud I, King of Navarre, 1201-1253.

Dach, Simon, 1605-1659.

Silcher, Friedrich, 1789-1860.

Chézy, Helmina von, 1783-1856.

Heine, Heinrich, 1797-1856.

Eichendorff, Joseph, Freiherr von, 1788-1857.

Glück, Fr. 1792-1840.

Fusz, János, 1777-1819.

Müchler, Karl, 1763-1857.

Fischer, Ludwig, 1745-1825.

Uhland, Ludwig, 1787-1862.

Moore, Thomas, 1779-1852.

Ward, Edward, 1667-1731.

Scott, John Douglas, Lady, 1810-1900.

Lefebvre, Jacques, active 17th century.

Neidhart, von Reuenthal, active 13th century.

Haibel, Jakob, 1762-1826.

Seydler, Ludwig Carl, 1810-1888.

Bartalus, István, 1821-1899.

Hayes, Maria X.

Dole, Nathan Haskell, 1852-1935.

Moore, Aubertine Woodward, 1841-1929.

Kappey, Clara.

Afzelius, Arvid August, 1785-1871.

Newmarch, Rosa, 1857-1940.

Sergennois, J.

Christopoulos, Athanasios, 1772-1847.

Kittredge, Walter, 1834-1905.

Emmett, Daniel Decatur, 1815-1904.

Foster, Stephen Collins, 1826-1864.

Maynard, Walter, 1828-1894.

Oxenford, John, 1812-1877.

Bantock, Helen F. 1868-1961.
Format: Music Score
Published:Boston : Oliver Ditson Co. ; New York : Chas. H. Ditson & Co. ; Chicago : Lyon & Healy, 1911.
Edition:Medium voice
Series:Musicians library (Boston, Mass.)
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Table of Contents:
  • Lithuania: From afar returns my well-beloved (Daina)
  • Bosnia: Why so silent, tell me, birdie (Paun i kolo)
  • Servia (sic): Come, my dearest (Pjesma)
  • Bulgaria: The outlaw (Tri godini)
  • Turkey: The sun hangs high (Charki Hidjaz)
  • Greece: The musician (Attributed to Athanasios Christopulos)
  • Syria: Sleep, my child (Aïnte) ; Upon thy lovely lips (Charŏ)
  • Morocco: Zohra (Kabyle song)
  • Algeria: My beloved (Ma gazelle)
  • Tunis: Soleïma (Chanson mauresque)
  • Tripoli: Stamboul (Kabyle song) (French text attributed from the Chanson Indigène by V. Bérard, attributed to Si Mohammed Said)
  • Egypt: Love-song (Doos yá lellee) ; There's no deity but God (Lá ilahá illalláh) (Translated by Edward William Lane)
  • Arabia: Thine eyes are bright with fire
  • Persia: Deign my voice to hear (Guschi ki behakk) ; Rustic song (Durwan's song)
  • India: Snake-charmer's song (O re bho lá ma-n re)
  • China: Jasmin-flower (Moo-lee-hwa)
  • Japan: New Year song (Haru-no-uta) ; Cherry blossom (Sakura)
  • American Indian: Pawnee war-song (Ka de la wats) ; Dakota serenade (Shicé shicé)
  • United States of America: Old folks at home (Words and music by Stephen C. Foster) ; Tenting on the old camp ground (Words and music by Walter Kittredge); Dixie (Dan D. Emmett). England: Sally in our alley (Henry Carey) ; O willow, willow (melody from Thomas Dallis's lute book) ; The vicar of Bray (Edward Ward) ; Come, lasses and lads
  • Scotland: Annie Laurie (Lady John Scott, Douglas of Fingland) ; My ain kind dearie, O (Robert Fergusson) ; The laird o' Cockpen (Lady Carolina Nairne) ; O Logie o' Buchan (George Halket)
  • Ireland: The last rose of summer (Thomas Moore) ; The minstrel boy (Thomas Moore) ; The daughters of Erin (Thomas Moore) ; The pretty girl milking her cow
  • Wales: All through the night (Ar hyd y nos) (Translated by Walter Maynard) ; Hunting the hare (Hela'r 'sgyvarnog) ; The ash grove (Llwyn on) (Translated by John Oxenford)
  • Manx: Hunt the wren
  • France: In our happy village (Dans notre village) (Air attributed to Jacques Lefebvre) ; There was a little maiden (Il était un' bergère) ; Sing to me, sweet Musetta (O ma tendre Musette) ; On the bridge of Avignon (Sur la pont d'Avignon)
  • Troubadours: When the nightingale shall sing (Quant li Rosignol jolis) (melody and words ascribed to Châtelain de Coucy); Early strolling at my leisure (L'autrier par la matinée) (Count Thibaut of Champagne, King of Navarre)
  • Minnesingers: Summertime (Sommerlied) (Niedhardt von Reuenthal, German version by Franz Kugler) ; Minstrel song (Minnelied) (melody from the Locheimer Liederbuch)
  • Germany: Annie of Tharau (Aennchen von Tharau) (lyrics attributed to Simon Dach, Friedrich Silcher) ; O thou dearest maiden mine (O du lieber Augustin) ; True love (Treue liebe) (Helmine von Chezy) ; The Loreley (Die Lorelei) (Heinrich Heine, Friedrich Silcher) ; Must I go (Muss i denn) ; The broken ring (Das zerbrochene Ringlein) (Joseph von Eichendorff, Friedrich Glück) ; All's the same to me ('S ist mir Alles Eins) (Attributed to Joh. Fuss) ; Farewell (Lebewohl) (Friedrich Silcher) ; In cellar cool (Im kühlen Keller) (Carl Müchler, Ludwig Fischer) ; O faithful pine (O Tannenbaum) (Adapted by August Zarnock) ; The hostess' daughter (Der Wirthin Töchterlein) (Ludwig Uhland)
  • Switzerland: From these dear mountains (Von meinem Bergli) ; In Aargau dwelt two sweethearts (Im Aergäu sind zweu Liebi) Austria: Wooing (Werbung)
  • Tyrol: Tyrolese are blithesome (Tyroler sind lustig) (Jacob Heibel) ; On the Alma (Auf der Alma)
  • Styria: From the mountain's height (Hoch vom Dachstein) (Carl Seydler)
  • Hungary: Hungaria's treasure (Magasan repül a daru) ; Varadi's highways (Seprik a Váradi utczát) (Melody attributed to Stephan Bartalus)
  • Bohemia: The treasure (Wšak nám tak nebude) (German text by A. Walden)
  • Netherlands: Where'er man ranges (Waer dat men sich) ; Rosa
  • Italy: The fair maid of Sorrento (La Vera Sorrentino) ; Oh, come to me (La Ricciolella) (English words by Thomas Moore) ; Santa Lucia (Barcarolle) (Translated by Maria X. Hayes)
  • Sicily: So this is sad love's ending (Forsi pirchi nun m' ami)
  • Spain: Unto a poor blind lover (A un niño ciegocito) ; It 't is sorrow so to love thee (Yo m'alegro de habèr sido) ; May song (Cancion de Maja)
  • Portugal: Song of the fig-tree orchard (Canção do Figueiral) (Translated by Nathan Haskell Dole) ; Wherefore have thy lips denied me (Modinha)
  • Denmark: I wander through woodlands (Gaaer jeg udi skoven) (Translated by Nathan Haskell Dole) ; Marstig's daughter (Marsk stigs døttre) (English words by Alfred Moffatt)
  • Iceland: Bravely sails my bark (Tölf synir)
  • Norway: I laid me down to rest (Jeg lagde mig saa silde) (Translated by Auber Forestier) ; Homeward from the mountains (Hjemreise fra saeteren) ; Dearest maiden (Kau fra hallingdalen)
  • Sweden: Little Katie (Liten Karin) (Translated by Clara Kappey) ; Wermeland (Vermeland) (A. Frysell) ; On a crystal throne (Necken's polska) (A. A. Afzelius)
  • Russia: Over fields and over meadows (Vo polé tuman zatumanelsya) (Translated by Rosa Newmarch) ; O'er the distant lonely mountains (Dalekaya i blezkaya) ; In the shade of the garden strolling (Kak po sadēku) ; 'Neath the shadow of a tree (Chanson des Rues) (French adaptation by J. Sergennois) ; Ah! see the old pear-tree (Zéléna grusha) (Translated by Rosa Newmarch) ; Come and twine the slim boughs (Zaplaitesya plaiten) (Translated by Rosa Newmarch)
  • Poland: Dearest maiden, hark, I pray thee (Krakowiak) ; Little cottage lowly (Mazurek) (Translated by Nathan Haskell Dole)
  • Finland: Home my sweetheart comes from roving (Runo-laulu)
  • Lapland: There's ne'er a blossom (Laulu Lapista)