Table of Contents:
  • ""Contents""; ""Preface""; ""Acknowledgments""; ""Note on Translations""; ""Abbreviations""; ""I: Introduction""; ""II: Mythological Transformations""; ""III: Logic and Metaphysics""; ""IV: Schiller, Kant, and Plato""; ""V: Ideals and Illusions""; ""VI: The Departure of Venus: ""Die Götter Griechenlandes""""; ""VII: New Solutions: ""Die KÃ?nstler""""; ""VIII: Beauty and Goodness: Ãœber Anmut und WÃ?rde""; ""IX: The Rational and the Aesthetic State: Ãœber die Ã?sthetische Erziehung des Menschen""; ""X: Poetry and the Ideal: Ãœber naive und sentimentalische Dichtung""; ""XI: Conclusion""