Judaism and Hellenism reconsidered

This book is a collection of 26 previously published articles, with a number of additions and corrections, and with a long new introduction on "The Influence of Hellenism on Jews in Palestine in the Hellenistic Period." The articles deal with such subjects as "Homer and the Near East,...

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Main Author: Feldman, Louis H.
Format: Book Electronic
Published:Leiden ; Boston : Brill, 2006.
Series:Supplements to the Journal for the study of Judaism ; v. 107.
Online Access:EBSCOhost Available to NLU students, faculty, and staff.
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction: The Influence of Hellenism on Jews in Palestine in the Hellenistic Period
  • Part One: Judaism and Hellenism
  • Chapter 1: Homer and the Near East : the rise of the Greek genius
  • Chapter 2: The Septuagint : the first translation of the Torah and its effects
  • Chapter 3: How Much Hellenism in the Land of Israel?
  • Chapter 4: The Reshaping of Biblical Narrative in the Hellenistic Period
  • Chapter 5: Did Jews Reshape the Tale of the Exodus?
  • Chapter 6: Studies in the Ancient Jewish Mediterranean Diaspora
  • Part Two: Anti-Semitism, Philo-Semitism, Conversion to Judaism
  • Chapter 7: Hatred for and Attraction to the Jews in Classical Antiquity
  • Chapter 8: Reflections on Rutgers' Attitudes to Judaism in the Greco-Roman Period
  • Chapter 9: Conversion to Judaism in Classical Antiquity
  • Part Three: Studies in Philo
  • Chapter 10: Philo's Version of the 'Aqedah
  • Chapter 11: Philo, Pseudo-Philo, Josephus, and Theodotus on the Rape of Dinah
  • Part Four: Josephus
  • Chapter 12: Josephus
  • Chapter 13: Josephus' Liberties in Interpreting the Bible in the Jewish War and in the Antiquities
  • Chapter 14: Rearrangement of Pentateuchal Material in Josephus' Antiquities, Books 1-4
  • Chapter 15: The Influence of the Greek Tragedians on Josephus
  • Chapter 16: Josephus' Biblical Paraphrase as a Commentary on Contemporary Issues
  • Chapter 17: Parallel Lives of Two Lawgivers : Josephus' Moses and Plutarch's Lycurgus
  • Chapter 18: Josephus on the Spies (Numbers 13-14)
  • Chapter 19: The Rehabilitation of Non-Jewish Leaders in Josephus' Antiquities
  • Chapter 20: On Professor Mark Roncace's Portraits of Deborah and Gideon in Josephus
  • Chapter 21: Josephus' Portrayal (Ant. 5.136-74) of the Benjaminite Affair of the Concubine and its Repercussions (Judges 19-21)
  • Chapter 22: The Importance of Jerusalem as Viewed by Josephus
  • Chapter 23: The Concept of Exile in Josephus
  • Chapter 24: Restoration in Josephus
  • Part Five: Rabbinic Insights
  • Chapter 25: Rabbinic Sources for Historical Study
  • Chapter 26: Rabbinic Insights on the Decline and Forthcoming Fall of the Roman Empire
  • Abbreviations
  • Bibliography
  • Index of Passages from Ancient Texts
  • Jewish Scriptures
  • Apocrypha
  • Pseudepigrapha
  • Dead Sea Scrolls
  • New Testament
  • Christian Church Fathers
  • Hellenistic Jewish Literature: Philo, Pseudo-Philo, Josephus
  • Other (Alleged) Graeco-Jewish Writers
  • Rabbinic and Allied Literature
  • Classical Greek Authors
  • Classical Latin Authors
  • Near Eastern Languages
  • Index of Names and Subjects
  • Index of Greek, Linear B, Phoenician, Akkadian, Ugaritic, Punic and Royal Aramaic, Hittite, Latin, Hebrew, and Aramaic Words
  • Index of Modern Scholars.