Bulletin of the Pan American Union. Vol. LXX. [January-June 1936.].

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Corporate Authors: United States. Congress. House.
Pan American Union.
Other Authors: Alfaro, Horacio F.
Caro, Julio.

Castillero R., E.J.

Castillo Najera, Francisco.

Castro, Hector David.

Chalmers, Henry.

Davies, J.B.

De Andrade, Mario.

De Freitas-Valle, Cyro.

Demorizi, Emilio Rodriguez.

Donoso, Ricardo.

Estrella Gutierrez, Fermin.

Finot, Enrique.

Fournie, Emilio.

Hall, Robert King.

Haring, Clarence Henry.

Hochstein, Joshua.

Hull, Cordell, 1871-1955.

Jinesta, Carlos.

Johnson, Maria Irene.

Leguizamon, Hector Diaz.

Lloyd, Bolivar J. (Bolivar Jones)

Lugo, Cristian.

Manger, William.

Max, H.

Maza, J.M. Cova.

Means, Philip Ainsworth.

Moll, Aristides A. (Aristides Alcibiades)

Morris, Roberto M.

Murray, Jennie Erskine.

Newhall, Beatrice.

Palma, Clemente.

Phillips, Matilda.

Picado M., Teodoro (Picado Michalski)

Recinos, Adrian.

Reid, William A. (William Alfred)

Rodriguez, Octavio Morato.

Saint-Gaudens, Homer.

Schaeffer, E.

Scott, James Brown.

Smith, H. Gerald.

Suro, Guillermo A.

Tercero, Jose.

Wilgus, A. Curtis (Alva Curtis)

Yepes, Jesus Maria.

Zapata, Ramon.
Format: Book Electronic
Published:Washington, DC, 1936
Series:United States congressional serial set ; serial set no. 10065
House document (United States. Congress. House) ; 74th Congress, no. 353, pt. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6
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Main Author:United States. Congress. House.
Language Notes:English
General Notes:Pages listed in the Contents Note reflect printed page numbers within successive, separately paginated parts of the publication.
Index (Vol. LXX), p. III.
Table of contents (No. 1), p. III.
No. 1 (January, 1936), p. 1.
Andrew Carnegie: November 25, 1835--August 11, 1919, by James Brown Scott, p. 8.
Carnegie and international peace, by J.M. Yepes, p. 19.
Latin American painting in the 1935 Carnegie International, by Homer Saint-Gaudens, p. 32.
Santiago and Valparaiso, by Jennie Erskine Murray, p. 40.
Table of contents (No. 2), p. II.
No. 2 (February, 1936), p. 77.
Pan American Day -- foreword, by L.S. Rowe, p. 77.
Recent Pan American achievements, by C.H. Haring, p. 78.
Some heroes of peace in the Americas:
Mitre, Sarmiento and Avellaneda (Argentines), by Dr. Hector Diaz Leguizamon, p. 86.
Daniel Sanchez Bustamante (Bolivian), by Dr. Enrique Finot--Brazilian, p. 90.
Joaquim Nabuco (Brazilian), by C. de Freitas-Valle, p. 94.
Diego Barros Arana (Chilean), by Ricardo Donoso, p. 99.
Damaso Zapata (Colombian), by Ramon Zapata, p. 103.
Jesus Jimenez Zamora (Costa Rican), by Carlos Jinesta, p. 107.
Carlos J. Finlay (Cuban), by Aristides A. Moll, p. 110.
Father Billini (Dominican), by Emilio Rodriguez Demorizi, p. 113.
Eugenio Espejo (Ecuadorean), by Beatrice Newhall, p. 116.
Antonio Jose Canas (Salvadorean), by Dr. Hector David Castro, p. 119.
Mariano Galvez (Guatemalan), by Dr. Adrian Recinos, p. 124.
Joseph and Juliette Courtois (Haitian), p. 129.
Juan Fernandez Lindo (Honduran), p. 131.
Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz (Mexican), by Dr. Francisco Castillo Najera, p. 133.
Ruben Dario (Nicaraguan), p. 138.
Pedro J. Sosa (Panamanian), by E.J. Castillero R., p. 141.
Carlos Antonio Lopez (Paraguayan), by Maria Irene Johnson, p. 146.
Ricardo Palma (Peruvian), by Clemente Palma, p. 149.
Thomas Alva Edison (American), p. 153.
Luis Morquio (Uruguayan), by Emilio Fournie, p. 156.
Andres Bello (Venezuelan), by Dr. J.M. Cova Maza, p. 161.
Economic progress in the Americas:
Argentina, by J.B. Davies, p. 166.
Bolivia, by Roberto M. Morris, p. 169.
Brazil, by Paulo G. Hasslocher, p. 172.
Chile, by Dr. H. Max, p. 175.
Colombia, by Julio Caro, p. 180.
Costa Rica, p. 184.
Cuba, p. 188.
Dominican Republic, by Christian Lugo, p. 191.
Ecuador, by Guillermo A. Suro, p. 193.
El Salvador, p. 197.
Guatemala, by E. Schaeffer, p. 201.
Haiti, p. 204.
Honduras, p. 206.
Mexico, p. 209.
Nicaragua, p. 213.
Panama, by Horacio F. Alfaro, p. 215.
Paraguay, p. 218.
Peru, by F.J. Hernandez, p. 221.
Uruguay, by Octavio Morato Rodriguez, p. 225.
Venezuela, by H. Gerald Smith, p. 230.
Table of contents (No. 3), p. III.
No. 3 (March, 1936), p. 241.
The governing board honors Dr. Esteban Gil Borges, minister of foreign affairs of Venezuela, p. 241.
Elena and Victoria Izcue and their art, by Philip Ainsworth Means, p. 248.
Trade of the United States with Latin America in 1935, by Matilda Phillips, p. 260.
Economic ties linking the United States and Latin America, by H. Gerald Smith, p. 269.
Chaco agreement, p. 276.
Adult education in Argentina, by Fermin Estrella Gutierrez, p. 281.
Table of contents (No. 4), p. III.
No. 4 (April, 1936), p. 301.
The school and democracy in Costa Rica, by Teodoro Picado Michalski, p. 303.
Recife, Brazil, by Jose Tercero, p. 310.
Some XVIth century histories and historians of America, by A. Curtis Wilgus, p. 322.
Argentine foreign trade in 1935, by Matilda Phillips, p. 347.
Table of contents (No. 5), p. III.
No. 5 (May, 1936), p. 377.
Pan American Day -- address by the Hon. Cordell Hull, Secretary of State of the United States, p. 377.
Folk music in Brazil, by Professor Mario de Andrade, p. 392.
Foreign tariffs and commercial policies in Latin America during 1935, by Henry Chalmers, p. 400.
Some XVIth century histories and historians of America (part IV), by A. Curtis Wilgus, p. 406.
Latin America and the pacific settlement of international disputes, by William Manger, p. 414.
Woman suffrage in the Americas, by Beatrice Newhall, p. 424.
Table of contents (No. 6), p. III.
No. 6 (June, 1936), p. 453.
Third Pan American Conference of National Directors of Health, by Bolivar J. Lloyd, M.D., p. 461.
Guadalajara, Mexico, by Jose Tercero, p. 465.
Twenty five years -- a glance at Latin American progress, by William A. Reid, p. 472.
Argentina learns English, by Robert King Hall, p. 485.
Educating youth for Pax Pan Americana, by Joshua Hochstein, p. 490.
Physical Description:575 p. : illustrations, maps, tables.