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While interest in Mexican American literature has grown in recent years, this is the first collection of interviews with exclusively Chicana writers. After providing a brief general introduction, Ikas (Univ. of Wurburg, Germany) employs skillful questioning to elicit a wealth of information from her subjects--Gloria Anzaldua, Lorna Dee Cervantes, Denise Chavez, Lucha Corpi, Jamie Lujan, Demetria Martinez, Pat Mora, Cherrie Moraga, Mary Helen Ponce, and Estela Portillo-Trambley. Although the women are from different states and represent several genres, numerous common themes emerge: family, education, teaching, bilingualism, cultural heritage and diversity, spirituality, female archetypes, literary inspiration, ecology, travel, creativity and change. Ikas supplies a photograph, background information, and bibliography for each interviewee. Recent related works include the Latina Feminist Group's Telling to Live (CH, Feb'02), Sonia Saldivar-Hull's Feminism on the Border (CH, Oct'00), and Yvonne Yarbro-Bejarano's The Wounded Heart (CH, Mar'02). An excellent introduction for undergraduates and general readers and a rich resource for researchers, this book is highly recommended for all libraries. M. V. Ekstrom St. John Fisher College

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