Unity 3.x scripting : write efficient, reusable scripts to build custom characters, game environments, and control enemy AI in your Unity game /

Write efficient, reusable scripts to build custom characters, game environments, and control enemy AI in your Unity game with this book and ebook.

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Main Author: Gerasimov, Volodymyr.
Other Authors: Kraczla, Devon.
Format: Book Electronic
Published:Birmingham, UK : Packt Pub., ©2012.
Series:Community experience distilled.
Online Access:EBSCOhost Click here for LLCC access. 
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Table of Contents:
  • Unity 3.x Scripting; Unity 3.x Scripting; Credits; About the Authors; About the Reviewer; www.PacktPub.com; Support files, eBooks, discount offers and more; Why Subscribe?; Free Access for Packt account holders; Preface; What this book covers; What you need for this book; Who this book is for; Conventions; Reader feedback; Customer support; Downloading the example code; Errata; Piracy; Questions; 1. Diving into Scripting; Downloading and installing assets for this book; Getting started with the game; Available Character Controllers; Interactive objects; Triggers; Buttons; Base button script. Activating platform statusExplosion box; The Update function; The BOOM function; Downloading the Detonator package; Pressing the button; Dynamic objects; Moving boxes; Triggered object; Moving platform; Moving the character with the platform; Summary; 2. Custom Character Controller; Creating a controllable character; Custom Character Controller; Setting up the project; Creating movement; Manipulating character vector; Register input from the user; The Rigidbody component; Jumping; User input verification; Raycasting; Improving efficiency in raycasting; Additional jump functionality; Running. CamerasCamera scripting; Creating camera script; Creating an enumeration list; Writing functions; The Initialize function; Changing camera function; Changing the camera values function; Writing camera switching controls; Character movement and camera positioning; Updating camera type changing; Influencing camera with a mouse; Clamping angles; Camera's late update; Rotating character with a camera; Animation controls; Playing simple animations; Start function versus Awake function; Animation component and playing speed; Animation scripting; Walk, run, and idle animations; Summary. 3. Action Game EssentialsProgramming weapons and pickables; Creating the base; Programming the weapon; The Shooting function; Shooting cooldown; Alternative shooting function; Advanced animation system; Working of an animation; Animation mixing; Animation script overview; Weapon pickup; Adding ammo and health pickups; Creating a treasure chest; Applying projectile fixes; Tethering and soft body; Tethering; Creating a tether; Creating assets; Tether manager; Creation of tether; The StickySegment script; Tether scripts overview; Summary; 4. Drag-and-Drop Inventory; GUI basics; GUI. Box. GUI. ButtonGUI. Label; GUI. TextField; GUI. TextArea; GUI. Toggle; GUI. Toolbar and GUI. SelectionGrid; GUI. HorizontalSlider and GUI. VerticalSlider; GUI. HorizontalScrollBar and GUI. VerticalScrollBar; GUI. BeginGroup and GUI. EndGroup; GUI. BeginScrollView, GUI. EndScrollView, and ScrollTo; Other GUI classes; Drag-and-drop inventory; Basics; Inventory slots and draggable objects; Working with GUI windows; Inventory slots; Patching the inventory; Character customization; 3D character avatar; Dealing with a camera; Adjusting the camera; Window dragging limits; Customization; Setting up items; Adding items; Modifying character.