Table of Contents:
  • Series Introduction-Volume Introduction-African American Literary Activity on the Eve of the Harlem Renaissance-The Negro in Literature and Art/W. E. B. Du Bois-The Negro Renaissance/Lloyd Morris-Some Things Negroes Need to Do/Carter G. Woodson-Negro Literature for Negro Pupils/Alice Dunbar-Nelson-Negro Life and Its Poet-Review of Cane by Jean Toomer/Montgomery Gregory-The Younger Literary Movement/W. E. B. Du Bois and Alain Locke-The New Generation-A Pair of Youthful Negro Poets/Robert T. Kerlin-the Debut of the Younger School of Negro Writers (Includes Carl Van Doren, "The Young Generation of Negro Writers.")
  • The Negro in Literature/William Stanley Braithwaite-Fall Books/W.E. B. Dubois-Black Verse/Frank s. Horne-Review of the Fire in the Flint by Walter White/Charles S. Johnson-Remark re: The Fire in the Flint/Grant Overton-Reflections on O'Neill's Plays/Paul Robeson-Some Books of 1924/Charles S. Johnson-The Significance of Jean Toomer/Gorham B. Munson-American Literary Tradition and the Negro/Alain Locke-The Negro Renaissance/Carl Van Doren. Survey Graphic March 1925-Harlme: Mecca of the New Negro
  • Nigger Heaven-Excerpt from Nigger Heaven/Carl Van Vechten. Promotional Activities of Black Periodicals-1925 Opportunity Literary Contest-Opportunity Literary Contest-An Opportunity for Negro Writers-Opportunity's Literary Prize Contest Awards-Opportunities Prize Contest-The Last Warning-The Contest (May 1925)-Out of the Shadow-Contest Award Opportunity (May 1925)-The Opportunity Dinner
  • The Prize Winners-Pot-Pourri: A Negro Renaissance-A Point of View: An Opportunity Dinner Reaction/Brenda Ray Moryck. Promotional Activities of Black Periodicals-1926-The Contest (October 1925)-Opportunity's Second Annual Contest for Negro Writers Offers $10000.00 in Prizes-The Contest (March 1926)-A Contest Number-The Judges and the Entries-contest Awards (June 1926)-The Kingdom of Art/John Macy
  • The Awards Dinner-Our Prize Winners and What They Say of Themselves