Review by Choice Review

The Vietnam War has had a profound effect on all facets of American cultural life. In 45 essays, the Hillstroms examine works of literature, film, and music that comment on the war. Each entry represents both a work of literature, film, or song and a significant theme bearing on America's Vietnam experience. For example, the essay on Creedence Clearwater Revival's song "Fortunate Son" examines not only the song itself but the practice by middle- and upper-class youths of enrolling in college or fleeing the country to evade serving in the war. Among the works discussed are the film Apocalypse Now, Norman Mailer's novel Armies of the Night, and the song "Ohio." Each entry ends with a brief bibliography, there is a list of 275 other prominent works on the Vietnam War, and a subject index refers to people, events, and concepts. The entries were chosen in consultation with an advisory board of distinguished academics. This unique book will be a valuable addition to any library. R. Dyson; Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

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