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Woolard's well-written, perceptive study, based on a year's fieldwork, is a major contribution that provides a fresh perspective on cross-cutting personal, cultural, political, linguistic, and social complexities in the Catalonian region of Spain, which includes modern urban Barcelona. It is a valuable introduction that synthesizes and advances beyond many previous studies of bilingualism. Catalan is a language separate from Castilian Spanish, the national language. The presence of economic immigrants from other areas of Spain complicates the politics and linguistics of simultaneously defining Catalonia as a separate political entity and establishing an internal Catalan social identity. Throughout, Woolard stresses the complexities of Catalan-Castilian linguistic interactions and language-shifting, using observation, interview, matched-guise test, and historical materials "to contribute to our understanding of the relation between cultural practices and political possibilities within the modern state." The book is well bound and well produced on good paper, with charts, photos, good bibliography, and index. It is essential for all Spanish, Catalan, linguistics, and cultures-in-contact collections, and is very highly recommended for upper-division undergraduate anthropology, sociology, European, and dialect-studies collections. -L. Kimball, Western Washington University

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