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Reviewing the basic archetypes identified by Carl Jung (i.e., parental, persona/shadows, mandala, etc.), Iaccino (psychology, Benedictine Univ.) plows familiar but fertile ground with scholarly competence. To his credit, the author does not neglect to define his terms in clear, concise, and accessible ways (though at the same time he falls miserably short in understanding the orthodox Christian Trinity). Following his previous study in horror films, Psychological Reflections on Cinematic Terror (CH, Nov'94), Iaccino reflects on those archaic and primordial images found in the friendlier genres of science fiction and fantasy. He applies Jungian formulas to such popular film series as the Star Wars and Back to the Future trilogies. The strength of his approach is the close textual readings of the cinematic narratives. The most cogent analysis explores the quest for the holy grail archetypes in the Indiana Jones chronicles. Although all his conclusions fit a Jungian paradigm too snugly and neatly, leaving few fantasies or mysteries lingering, Iaccino does demonstrate that Jungian perspectives can be applied to these genres in a manner unencumbered by technical jargon. Recommended for all students of film and psychology at all levels. T. Lindvall; Regent University

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