Table of Contents:
  • Foreword: Ethnography and Postsocialism / Nancy Ries
  • Introduction / Nora Dudwick and Hermine G. De Soto
  • Part 1.. Fieldwork in Disintegrating and Reintegrating Nations and States
  • 1.. Postsocialism and the Fieldwork of War / Nora Dudwick
  • 2.. Would the Real Nationalists Please Step Forward: Destructive Narration in Macedonia / K. S. Brown
  • 3.. Telling Stories of Serbia: Native and Other Dilemmas on the Edge of Chaos / Marko Zivkovic
  • Part 2.. Fieldworkers in the Postsocialist Field
  • 4.. Crossing Western Boundaries: How East Berlin Women Observed Women Researchers from the West after Socialism, 1991-1992 / Hermine G. De Soto
  • 5.. Ethnographic Encounters in Post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan: Dilemmas of Gender, Poverty, and the Cold War / Kathleen Kuehnast
  • 6.. When Text Becomes Field: Fieldwork in "Transitional" Societies / Igor Barsegian
  • 7.. Fieldwork and the "Doctoring" of National Identities in Arctic Siberia / David G. Anderson
  • Part 3.. Negotiating Personal Relationships in the Postsocialist Field
  • 8.. Intruder in Uzbekistan: Walking the Line between Community Needs and Anthropological Desiderata / Russell Zanca
  • 9.. Mixed Devotions: Religion, Friendship, and Fieldwork in Postsocialist Eastern Germany / Daphne Berdahl
  • 10.. Researcher, Advocate, Friend: An American Fieldworker among Balkan Roma, 1980-1996 / Carol Silverman
  • Afterword: Intimations from an Uncertain Place / Michael Herzfeld
  • Contributors
  • Index

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