Thomas Müntzer

Müntzer, in a 1608 engraving by [[Christoffel van Sichem|Christoffel Van Sichem]]{{efn|No contemporary portrait of the reformer exists. This engraving may have been a copy of a picture made by [[Hans Holbein the Younger]] in Basel, but all evidence suggests that Holbein had left for France before Müntzer came to Basel in late 1524. Another possibility is that the original portrait was made by [[Sebald Beham]], one of the 'three godless painters' of Nuremberg, when Müntzer was in that city in late 1524.}} Thomas Müntzer.}} ( – 27 May 1525) was a German preacher and radical theologian of the early Reformation whose opposition to both Martin Luther and the Roman Catholic Church led to his open defiance of late-feudal authority in central Germany. Müntzer was foremost amongst those reformers who took issue with Luther's compromises with feudal authority. He became a leader of the German peasant and plebeian uprising of 1525 commonly known as the German Peasants' War. He was captured after the Battle of Frankenhausen, tortured and executed.

Few other figures of the German Reformation raised as much controversy as Müntzer, which continues to this day. A complex and unusual character, he is now regarded as a significant personality in the early years of the German Reformation and the history of European revolutionaries. Almost all modern studies stress the necessity of understanding his revolutionary actions as a consequence of his theology: Müntzer believed that the end of the world was imminent and that it was the task of the true believers to aid God in ushering in a new era of history. Within the history of the Reformation, his contribution, especially in liturgy and biblical exegesis, was of substance, but remains undervalued. Provided by Wikipedia
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Other Authors: '; ...Münzer, Thomas, 1490 (ca.)-1525....
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Other Authors: '; ...Münzer, Thomas, 1490 (ca.)-1525....
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Other Authors: '; ...Münzer, Thomas, 1490 (ca.)-1525....
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Other Authors: '; ...Münzer, Thomas, 1490 (ca.)-1525....
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