Louise Burkhart

Louise M. Burkhart (born 1958) is an American academic ethnohistorian and anthropologist, noted as a scholar of early colonial Mesoamerican literature. In particular, her published research has a focus on aspects of the religious beliefs and practices of Nahuatl-speakers in central Mexico. Her work examines the historical documention from the time of the Spanish Conquest and the subsequent era of colonial Mexico, and studies the continuities and transformations of indigenous Nahua communities and culture. Burkhart has written extensively on colonial Nahuatl drama, folklore, poetry and catechistic texts, translating a number of these documents from the original Nahuatl with commentaries and historical interpretations and notes. She has also published research on the aesthetics and iconography of pre-Columbian and Indochristian art, Nahuatl linguistics, and the rise of the Virgin of Guadalupe cult within Mexican Roman Catholicism.

Burkhart is a professor in the Anthropology Department of the State University of New York at Albany (SUNY Albany), where she has taught since 1990. Provided by Wikipedia
by Burkhart, Louise M., 1958-
Published 1996
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by Burkhart, Louise M., 1958-
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Other Authors: '; ...Burkhart, Louise M., 1958-...
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