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Call Number: Q. 810.905 NE1
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Former Ownership History: v.26(1992)-v.28(1994), v.30(1996)-v.41(2007), v.43(2009) UIU
Action Note: v.26(1992)-v.28(1994), v.30(1996)-v.41(2007), v.43(2009) committed to retain 20170701 June 30, 2042 BTAA Shared Print Repository UIUSP
v.26(1992)-v.28(1994), v.30(1996)-v.41(2007), v.43(2009) completeness reviewed 20170701 BTAA Shared Print Repository issue-level validation UIUSP missing volumes missing v.29(1995), v.42(2008) No volume published for 2010
v.26(1992)-v.28(1994), v.30(1996)-v.41(2007), v.43(2009) condition reviewed 20170701 BTAA Shared Print Repository issue-level validation UIUSP
Library Has (Summary): v.26(1992)-v.28(1994), v.30(1996)-v.41(2007), v.43(2009)
Library Has (Volumes): v.43 (2009)
v.41 (2007)
v.40 (2006)
v.39 (2005)
v.38 (2004)
v.37 (2003)
v.36 (2002)
v.35 (2001)
v.34 (2000)
v.33 (1999)
v.32 (1998)
v.31 (1997)
v.30 (1996)
v.28 (1994)
v.27 (1993)
v.26 (1992)
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Copy 1 v.43:1-3 (2009) Available
Copy 1 v.41 (2007) Available
Copy 1 v.40 (2006) Available
Copy 1 v.39 (2005) Available
Copy 1 v.38 (2004) Available
Copy 1 v.37 (2003) Available
Copy 1 v.36 (2002) Available
Copy 1 v.35(2001) Available
Copy 1 v.34(2000) Available
Copy 1 v.33(1999) Available
Copy 1 v.32(1998) Available
Copy 1 v.31(1997) Available
Copy 1 v.30(1996) Available
Copy 1 v.28(1994) Available
Copy 1 v.27(1993) Available
Copy 1 v.26(1992) Available

Location: Oak Street Library [request online]

Call Number: Q. 810.905 NE1
Library Has (Summary): v.29(1995), v.42(2008) Some issues missing
Library Has (Volumes): v.42:no.1-2 (2008)
v.29 (1995) Lacks no.2
Copy 1 v.42:1-2 (2008) Available
Copy 1 v.29 (Bd w/o no.2)(1995) Available