Robert Dunn (biologist)

Robert Dunn is a biologist, writer and professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at North Carolina State University. He has written several books and his science essays have appeared at magazines such as BBC Wildlife Magazine, Scientific American, Smithsonian Magazine, National Geographic and others. He is quickly becoming known for efforts to involve the public as citizen scientists in arthropod surveys and bacterial flora studies. His projects include studies of belly button biodiversity, mites that live on human faces, ants in backyards, and fungi and bacteria in houses.

He was a Fulbright fellow in Australia. Provided by Wikipedia
by Dunn, Rob R.
Published 2010
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by Dunn, Rob R.,
Published 2014
(CARLI) (Other Sources: (ARUdb)416365)
by Dunn, Rob R,
Published 2015
...Dunn, Rob R. Man who touched his own heart...
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Book Electronic
by Dunn, Rob R.,
Published 2018
...Dunn, Rob R. Never home alone. First edition....
Book Electronic
by Spicer Rice, Eleanor,
Published 2017
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